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Can I install a new home security system with existing equipment in San Francisco?

July 28, 2021

Vivent hub screen on living room wall.

When deciding on what place you’ll use for home security, you may have questions about if you should use new alarms and sensors or if you can incorporate your home security system with existing equipment in San Francisco.

For a company like Vivint, that solution depends on the situation. You can take your old devices and switch them to a Vivint smart home, but only if they use Z-wave technology and are compatible with the new system. Here are a few reasons to keep your old equipment and slip it into the new system.

You moved into a place with a pre-existing security system

Sometimes when you buy a home, a home security system is already in use. All the devices work, are hung in the right places, and are ready to go. In this instance, you might find that you have to call and start a new contract. A Vivint expert will still show up to make sure there are no compatibility issues, and they may offer ideas on an upgrade or two. It's a fast appointment, and you can have your 24/7 monitoring set up without worrying about any new alarms and cameras -- unless you add on.

The old owners can give an existing Vivint contract to you for a nominal transfer cost to make the process easier. If the outgoing residents are moving to a condo or retirement community, turning over the security contract may be a part of the sale.

You need to move and bring your old components with you

You might need to bring your existing Vivint system with you to your new home when you move. It should be fairly simple to transfer, as most alarms and smart devices are portable. You can take down each device by yourself or use a professional expert to come and take care of everything. Then a pro will hang the same components -- and any additions you need to put in -- in your new house. And your home security contract will keep the same.

You own one alarm or camera and need to add on

Your doorbell camera, garage door sensor, or small door sensor made you see the benefits of a smart home, and now you need to build on. Don't fret too much about throwing away that lone device because it could link in with your new system. Security companies like Vivint have built their programs from the ground up and can manage most Z-wave devices.

You might lose the codes and clips you collected, as they won’t move over into a different mobile app. But your device will still operate like it did when it was a stand-alone device. You might even discover some new actions that you can use now that the device is is linked to a larger security system.

Get a hold of Vivint for all your security needs

Whether you're setting up a home security system with existing equipment in San Francisco, or you want one personalized to your specification, call Vivint. A Vivint agent will listen to your security checklist and find the best mixture for your house. Call (415) 969-9484 or complete the form below to start.